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How To Break Up With Your Landlord If You Have Office Space

Do you have office space in NYC? Maybe you no longer need it. You want to turn to your landlord and just say:

“I’m outta here. It’s not going to work out between us.”

But Neil Sedaka was right and “Breaking up is hard to do.”

Ending a lease early can present a whole host of challenges like:

  • Eating your rent when you’re not even physically there (like a lot of folks right now)
  • Paying a premium on cancellation
  • Losing your security deposit
  • And, perhaps even sometimes legal action.

But sometimes, you just need to do what is best for…

Time is our most precious asset so in an effort to help you avoid wasting any of it when thinking about your company’s real estate decisions, I’m going to discuss the 6 questions your advisor must ask you when you meet for the first time.

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That is not mean, ‘when does your lease expire?’ but rather how immediate is your nee. …

You know that feeling when someone asks you “Where are your offices?” and when you tell them they say “Ohhh nice”. They then go on to say things like, “That’s awesome, your so close to (fill in the blank from where ever you commute from)” or “Oh, your right by (insert food place), I go there for salads all the time” or “I used to be at (insert address).”

When you stop to think about how much time we spend in our offices versus our home you start to realize how important it is to get the office part right…

It’s crucial to prepare for tomorrow. When looking at office space it’s not just about what you need now but it’s about the future. It’s important for your business to ask several questions: What are you planning for your company’s growth? What does the headcount look like in 2 years, 5 years? What are some things that could change in your business in the next 12, 24, 36 months that may change your space requirements? Are we taking enough space to consider future growth?

There are lots of solutions for the answers that come from this.


While much depends on…

With the holidays just around the corner, “wish lists” seem to be very topical in many conversations. Staying on theme, for those thinking about their next lease, we thought we’d share the findings from our meetings with tenants this year. Interestingly they are quite consistent with the findings of Gensler’s 2019 US Workplace Survey, MIT’s Center for Real Estate and Sustainable Design as well as a few other surveys conducted this year. Without further ado, The Tenants’ New Office Space Wish List:

1. Quality IT Connectivity

A WiredScore survey showed 77% of tenants would sign a longer lease in a…

This is no joke. There is no catch. One of the bigger benefits of subleasing is avoiding the upfront costs of office furniture.

How much does furniture cost you ask?

It could be as little as $15 per square foot or could be as much as $40-$50 per square foot depending on how you furnish your space. If we split the chickens and say $25 per SF on a 7,000 square foot space that’s $175,000. That’s real money!!!

Sublease your next space

When you sublease you get to use all of the furniture that is in the space. …

When you’re negotiating your next office lease, look for these 5 potential tricks to guarantee your next lease is a treat. Remember, the lease is written by landlords and for landlords. After all, they are in the business of making a profit and tenants are their sources for such. Their priority is themselves. It’s important that you equip yourself with the right tools, knowledge, and tenant representation to avoid these potential tricks.

Here are just a few key issues your representation can help you address before you sign the lease.

1. Get A Burn Down

As the saying goes, “Cash is King,” and if it’s…

You’re thinking about this great space for a new office lease and everything looks perfect. Class A building, 13-foot ceilings, perfect layout, and a great price. So, you start planning out that potential commute. You see that you need to take a train into Grand Central and a subway from there. Not bad. You can do it all in an hour at peak traffic times door to door. Do you pull the trigger on the deal? NOT YET.

You haven’t looked into the building’s elevator service yet!

More important than you may think. Bad elevator service in a building not…

No, not Poker. We’re talking about toilets.

When tenants check out office space, they usually pay attention to lots of details. I’ve seen them slowly walk around the space, look at cracks in the ceiling, turn lights on and off, and take videos while they rotate on the spot to view later. But almost every time I need to remind them to look at the bathrooms.

Let’s be real. Bathrooms matter a lot. Everyone wants their hygiene taken care of and bathrooms should be your happy place! You know, your break from work, scroll through the social media newsfeeds on…

T.I.: Not just the King of the South

While T.I. rapped “About the Money” landlords think about T.I. and how those dollars add up.

T.I. in the landlords’ world is Tenant Improvements and in this case, we are talking about lease renewals. Let’s go with a reasonably typical situation, your company has been in a great space the last 10 years. …

Gregg Cohen

Office Leasing Specialist, Principal, Cresa. Making it easier to lease office space, one square foot at a time.

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